The Youth Adventure Club is the adventure wing of the college, where students who are inclined towards outdoor activities group together, and undertake various training, expeditions, search and rescue courses, and also render assistance in crisis situations in the community.

 The elected office-bearers of the Youth Adventure Club for the current session (2018 – 2019) are:-

             Leader:                                    Michael Lallawmkima, VI sem BA

            Deputy Leader:                       Lalrinhlua, IV sem BA

            Secretary:                                Isak Vanlalpeka,  VI BA          

            Assistant Secrectary:             Lallawmkima, VI sem BCA

            Treasurer:                               Rothangzuali, VI sem BA

            Financial Secretary:               B. Malsawmsanga VI sem BA


The Youth Adventure Club (YAC) of the college is active. About 40 students are enrolled every year. The YAC attended Adventure Course organized by Sports & Youth Services Dept, Govt. of Mizoram. Some of the activities are:

1.      Khamropui expedition

2.      Exploration of Bak Puk (Cave)

3.      Buannel/ Myanmar Trekking

4.      Training on Rapelling