Best Practices of the College

Government Kolasib College has selected the following Best Practices.

  1. Daily Class Log

The College has adopted a system of collecting students’ feedback daily on the performance of Teachers in the Lecture schedule. Class Representatives are selected or elected among the students of a Class, and one of the responsibilities of the Class Representative is to submit to the College Administration an independent report of the day’s Lectures taken by the Teachers.

  1. Outreach Programmes

  1. National Service Scheme (NSS). The College has four (4) very active and successful NSS units guided by young and enthusiastic Programme Officers, and along with the very able student-volunteers they undertake many yeoman activities in the local society, thereby inculcating in the students a sense of social responsibility.

  2. Red Ribbon Club (RRC). The students are also members of the Red Ribbon Club, which is active in blood donation activities. 

  3. Adoption of Village. The College envisages adoption of a village in the near future.

III. Student Mentoring

The College has adopted a practice of Student Mentoring, whereby the students are divided into managable groups among the Teachers, and the Teacher-Mentors are responsible for the academic and mental well-being of the students. Since many of the students are from financially weaker sections of the society, or from the rural areas, they may experience some difficulty(ies) in their academics or other personal activities.