Overview of the Department

A three year undergraduate programme, BCA(Bachelors of Computer Applications) as a course gives you an insight into the world of computers and its applications.

The knowledge and skills required to plan, design and build complex application software system, which are very much needed in all industry sectors including business, health education and the arts. The basic objective of BCA Course is to provide young men and   women   with   the   required   knowledge   and necessary skills to get rewarding careers into the changing world of Information technology.

Job opportunities:

The  graduates  could  begin  their  career  as  Junior Programmer  and  then  matured  as  Sr.  Programmer, System Analysts, etc.  They may seek entrepreneurial roles in the computer world as independent business owners, software authors, consultants, or suppliers of systems and equipments. Career opportunities exist in such  areas  as  management,  software  and  hardware Industries,  technical  writing,  IT  Training  Institutes, Software consultancy & Technical Support. Application   areas   include   transaction   processing (such  as  order  processing,  airline/railway/banking), accounting   functions,   decision   support   and   data communications.

Faculty Profiles

SL NoNameDesignationYears Of ExperienceContact
1.LalrinchhanaAssistant Professor (Part time)15 years8259980464
2.C. LalngaihzualaAssistant Professor (Part time)
13 years9862120720
3.C. VanlalhruaiaAssistant Professor (Part time)9 years8014168422