Ragging is strictly forbidden in or outside the college campus. Anti- Ragging Committee is constituted in this college to prevent ragging and to take anti-ragging measures as per the guidelines issued by the Supreme Court of India and UGC.

An Anti- Ragging Committee is formed to address the issues concerning ragging. The members of the committee are follows:-

  1. Mr. Zahmingliana Principal Convener
  2. Dr. Tracy Lalduhawmi Chairman
  3. Mrs. Lalnunsangi Secretary
  4. Mr. Lalhmangaiha Member
  5. Ms. Vanlalhmangaihi Member
  6. Vice President SU Member


All students shall familiarize themselves with rules/regulations/guidelines on code of conduct, anti- ragging measures and discipline of the college. All newcomers should attend counseling sessions organized for them from time to time by the college staff.


  1. To aware the students of the dehumanizing effect of ragging inherent in its perversity.
  2. To keep a continuous watch and vigil over ragging so as to prevent its occurrence and recurrence.
  3. To promptly and stringently deal with the incidents of ragging brought to our notice.



  1. To consider the complaints received from the students and conduct enquiry and submit a report to the Anti- Ragging committee along with punishment recommended for the offenders.
  2. Oversee the procedure of obtaining undertaking from the students in accordance with the provisions.
  3. Conduct workshop/seminar against ragging menace and orient the students.
  4. To provide the students the information pertaining to contact address and telephone numbers of the person(s) identified to receive complaints/distress calls.
  5. To create an awareness among the students about Anti- ragging.
  6. To take all necessary measures for prevention of ragging inside the campus/hostels.



It was a period of covid and the unprecedented pandemic of covid -19 brought with it an abrupt lockdown affecting our college and impacting our lives, leaving us to navigate the significant changes to work and lifestyle. There was no face-to-face teaching and our core activities of education and learning were still carried out through online classes. As such no activities were undertaken by Anti-ragging Cell due to pandemic and no activity was achieved during the year 2020-2021.





The pandemic has still created disruption in our educational institutions. Lockdown and staying home strategies have been put in place as the needed action to flatten the curve and control the transmission of the disease. It was impossible to organized meetings, activities or project during the academic year 2021-2022.






The College Executive Committee (CEC) appointed an Anti- Ragging Cell/Committee to prevent the risk of ragging and maintain healthy relations among the students in the college campus. Ragging is strictly prohibited in the college campus. Intentionally, Anti- Ragging has been actively functioning.

In the academic year 2022-2023, the college students are informed about Anti- ragging through prospectus, near about all students filled their anti- ragging affidavit form and submitted to their class representative. Fortunately, during this year no ragging case is reported in the campus.

Minutes of Meeting:

The meeting of anti- ragging cell was held today dated 18th April 2022 (Tuesday) 1:30 pm in the office of the Principal under the chairmanship of Dr Tracy Lalduhawmi. The following members were present in the meeting.

1. Dr. Tracy Lalduhawmi

2. Mrs. Lalnunsangi

3. Miss Vanlalhmangaihi

4. Mr. Lalhmangaiha

5. Vice- President S.U

The meeting was chaired by Dr. Tracy Lalduhawmi. The following points were discussed during the anti- ragging committee meeting-


  1. Attending district level meeting of anti- ragging committee meeting.
  2.  Formation of anti- ragging committee inclusive of police personnel, parent representatives and student representatives.
  3. Action to be taken to curb ragging in the campus.
  4. Drug abuse that leads to ragging to be monitored.
  5. Creating awareness among students about the punishments for ragging.
  6. Students Counselling Cell is functioning in the college. Mentoring of students is also followed in the institution.



(Dr. Tracy Lalduhawmi )                                                         (Lalnunsangi)

                   Chairman                                                                                         Secretary



The College Executive Committee (CEC) constituted Anti- ragging Cell/Committee in the year 2020. The committee also appointed members of the cell to prevent the threat of ragging and maintain healthy relations among students in the college campus. Ragging is rigorously banned in or outside the college campus. For this purpose Anti Ragging Cell has been functioning effectively.

Under the initiative taken by Anti-Ragging Cell, a session on “Anti- Ragging: Laws and Awareness” was arranged on 14th August 2023 in the Main Hall of Government Kolasib College. The session was very interactive and ended with many students requesting for more such programmes. 


Minutes of meeting:

Venue: Professors Common Room

Date: 14th September 2022

Time: 11:00 am

            The meeting of anti-ragging committee was held today in the Professors Common Room under the chairmanship of our chairman Dr. Tracy Lalduhawmi. The following members were present for the meeting.

  1. Mr. T. Zahmingliana Principal (Convener)
  2. Dr. Tracy Lalduhawmi
  3. Mrs. Lalnunsangi
  4. Ms. Vanlalhmangaihi
  5. Mr. Lalhmangaiha
  6. Vice- President S.U.

Agenda of meeting:

  1. To review the case of ragging if any.
  2. To guide students about anti- ragging.
  3. Any other relevant subject at the time of the meeting.


Minutes of Meeting:

  1. The committee discussed the various measures taken to prevent ragging in the campus.
  2. The committee members suggested conducting a workshop by inviting jurisdictional police officers and eminent personalities to address fresher’s and seniors students regarding anti- ragging.
  3. No such matter related to ragging was received.
  4. The members of the meeting were apprised of the follow up of the resolution of the committee.
  5. The meeting ended with the convener proposing the vote of thanks.



The class representatives of all the departments were nominated to ensure that no ragging case should be reported in the campus. Awareness programme will be organized to make students aware and sensitize about ragging.





(Dr. Tracy Lalduhawmi )                                                               ( Lalnunsangi )

          Chairman                                                                                 Secretary





The Cell is functional with the principal as convener. Anti- ragging should be the important parts of educational institutions mechanism. As per the guidelines of UGC under the Act of 1956, which is modified as UGC regulations on curbing the menace of ragging in higher educational Institutions, 2009, establishing of Anti- Ragging Cell is very compulsory. The College Executive Committee appointed new members of anti- ragging cell for the academic session of 2023-2024.

      The members of the committee are follows:-

  1. Mr. Zahmingliana Principal Convener
  2. Mr. F. Malsawmtluanga Chairman 
  3. Mrs. Lalnunsangi Secretary
  4. Mr. Lalhmangaiha Member
  5. Ms. Vanlalhmangaihi Member
  6. Mr. Lalremliana Member
  7. Mr. lalliantluanga Member
  8. Vice President Students Union  Member

Minutes of Anti- Ragging Meeting 2023-2024.

Venue: Professors Common Room.

Date: 1.8.2023 (Tuesday)

Time: 2: 00 pm.


Members Present:

  1. Mr. F. Malsawmtluanga
  2. Mr. Lalremliana
  3. Mr. Lalliantluanga
  4. Mrs. Lalnunsangi
  5. Ms. Vanlalhmangaihi


The following points were discussed during the anti- ragging committee meeting.

  1. To install anti- ragging hoardings/boards/banners in the prominent places within the campus.
  2. To organize a programme of anti- ragging awareness by inviting guest speaker who have knowledge in this field.
  3. Conducting sensitization programmes and seminars pertaining to anti- ragging at the college.
  4. Conducting the competition on slogan writing at the college campus pertaining to anti- ragging.
  5. Preparation of brochure/ instruction to be published in the prospectus during the time of admission as instructed under UGC anti- ragging regulations.
  6. Till date, no incident of ragging has been reported.




(F. Malsawmtluanga )                                                              ( Lalnunsangi )

       Chairman                                                                              Secretary




Relevance of the Cell:

            Anti- ragging cell gives students a safe and confidential platform to express their complaints regarding ragging. It aims to build a ragging free environment by instilling the principles of democratic values, tolerance, empathy, compassion and sensitivity to that students, become responsible citizens and create an atmosphere of discipline by passing a clear message that no act of ragging in the college premises.


Activity No 1.

In accordance with the directives from UGC and in pursuance of the previous anti- ragging committee meeting held on 1.8.2023, members of the cell erected and installed hoardings (in writing of wisdom words) within college campus on 4.8.2023. Anti- ragging slogans were displayed at various places within college campus in order to make students aware of the seriousness of ragging as a crime. The hoardings also mentions phone numbers of members of anti- ragging cell in which all members were available to contact 24/7.




(F. Malsawmtluanga)                                                   ( Lalnunsangi )

         Chairman                                                                             Secretary