Alumni Association

            At the initiative of the Subcommittee in charge of Alumni Association GKC Alumni Association was formed on 17th July, 2015.

The elected Office bearers are:

        President             :           Mr. Andrew V.L. Auva,

        Vice President     :          Mr. Laldingsanga Sailo

        Secretary              :           Mr. R. Lalchungnunga

        Asstt. Secretary   :          Mr. Zomuanpuia Pachuau

        Treasurer             :           Ms. M.C. Laldinmawii

        Fin. Secretary      :           Mr. Samuel Lalfela.


                                                                                                 Alumni activities


                Seeing the insufficient number of drinking water point for students the Association bought and presented one water filter-cum-cooler which is installed at the verandah of the main classroom.


1.      As invited, representatives of the Alumni Association participated in the opening ceremony of the College Week held during 19 – 23 September, 2017.  They acted as judges in some items of competition.

2.      As a gesture of gratitude to the HPCL, the President of the Alumni Association, Mr. Andrew V.L Auva and the Secretary, Mr. R. Lalchungnunga accompanied, on 24th September, 2017, the Principal and Staff of the college to Saitual College, where the HPCL handed over scholarships for the second time to 130 of our students amounting to Rs. 6,80,700/-

3.      They also had the opportunity to talk to the leaders of HPCL, seeking further help for over-all development of the college.