In an effort to groom students of Government Kolasib College to confront challenges in work and study, the Capacity Building Committee & IQAC of the College organized lecture series on “Personality & SoftSkills Development” during the academic year 2022-23. The programme was mainly for final-year students of all departments of the College.

Accordingly all final-year students of the 14 departments were sorted into 6 groups, and they participated as follows: Series 1 (July 2022) – Economics; Series 2 (August 2022) – Geography; Series 3 (September 2022) – all Science departments & BCA; Series 4 (February 2023) – Education, History & Public Administration; Series 5 (March 2023) – Political Science; Series 6 (April 2023) – English & Mizo.

Mrs Loicy Lalrinthari acted as a resource person for the first two series and Mr C. Lalngaihawma for the next four series. During this series significant topics like different types of personality, meaning of personality development and how to develop it, meaning of body language and posture, difference between hard and soft skills, meaning and classification of soft skills, personal and interpersonal traits were dealt. Students of the College actively participated in the interaction session in each series. The programme was funded by the College.