Date: 25th August 2022.

Time: 2:30 pm.


Venue: Economics Department Core Classroom, 1st Floor, Block – A.

Resource Person: Jennifer L. Pachuau, Chairman &Assistant Professor, Govt. Kolasib College.





Attendance: 21 students + 2 teachers = 23


Mr. R.D. Lalnunsanga, Secretary & Assistant Professor, addressed the workshop with self-introduction andbriefed the participants with matters related to the function and constitution of Art Club.

Election of Art Club Representatives –


Election of Art Club Representatives from the students was conducted by taking advantage of the event. Three posts viz; Vice Chairman, Assistant Secretary and Treasurer were elected through majority vote by show of hands among the participants. The elected representatives are as follows:

  1. Vice Chairman – Lalmuanpuia Pudaite, 1st Semester, Ph. No. 9612642076.
  2. Assistant Secretary – Ruthi Lalremruati, 3rd Semester, Ph. No. 7628969086.
  3. Treasurer – Zonunmawia, 1st Semester, Ph. No. 7641826712.



The Chairman & Resource Person, Mrs. Jennifer L. Pachuau, delivers an interesting lecture on the conceptsandimportance of art, especially in the field of drawing and painting. She explains the scope of artandshed light on the career opportunities of an artist as a part- time or a full-time job.

Drawing Competition –


Grabbing every opportunity, a casual drawing competition using pencil only was organised with a time limit of 20 minutes. This was done primarily to understand the ability and proficiency of the students. The drawings were evaluated on the spot and the top three (4 students) outstanding young artists were awarded with a small prize on the workshop itself. The prize winners are as follows:

1st Prize – Zonunmawia, 2nd Price – Remlalfaka,

3rd Prize – Lalmuanpuia, & Christina.

* Delightful refreshment was served to all, and the workshop was dismissed at 4:00 pm.




Sd/- JENNIFER L. PACHUAU                                            sd/- R.D. LALNUNSANGA

Chairman,                                                                                Secretary,

Art Club,                                                                                 Art Club,

Govt. Kolasib College.                                                            Govt. Kolasib College.





Copy to: The Chairman, IQAC, Govt. Kolasib College, for information.







(JENNIFER L. PACHUAU)                                                 (R.D. LALNUNSANGA)

Chairman,                                                                               Secretary,

Art Club,                                                                               Art Club,

Govt. Kolasib College.                                                             Govt. Kolasib College.