In view of the Covid-19 pandemic situation that prompted transformative teaching/learning practices, the IQAC at the beginning of the academic session has included in its strategic/perspective plan enhancement of teachers' proficiency in online teaching methods. In an effort to attain this end, the College with the initiative of the IQAC, organized Faculty Development Programme and Workshop titled “Online Teaching Platforms” and “Effective Use of Google Classroom”. Teachers were given training on use of various online learning tools and resources, pedagogical methods appropriate for an online course, ways to be innovative and creative and to have an impactful online presence. Moreover many teachers attended various online programmes like FDP, STTP, etc. organized by reputed colleges and universities which greatly enhanced their knowledge and skills on e-teaching and learning. As a result of these efforts, all teachers of the College are adept in using online teaching tools. Google Classroom is used by each teacher to create classes, upload learning materials, grade assignments and send feedback to students. Students on their part gained from these experiences which is evident from the positive result of attendance and participation in online classes, internal evaluation and university examinations. The institution functioned smoothly throughout the academic session in accordance with the Academic calendar.