Code of Ethics to Check Malpractices and Plagiarism in Research


Ethics and plagiarism are the significant components in the research and publication. Sometimes it is observed that researchers claim others work as their own, which will degrade the reputation of the individual institution.

1.      One ethics committee has been formed comprising of all Ph.D holders of the institute to access the faculty researcher/UG students who produce their work in the form of research publication/research proposal/Project report.

2.      Especially the research work of faculty/projects must go through the process of plagiarism and has to maintain high academic and production standards.

3.      Apart from this, the committee takes extra measure to ensure that the work is at par with the national/international standards.

4.      Any violation of the rule and the other issue complains regarding plagiarism attracts disciplinary action to be imposed by committee.

5.      The committee comprises

                                                         I.            Principal

                                                       II.            Vice-Principal

                                                     III.            Coordinator I.Q.A.C

                                                     IV.            Head of the Respective Department

                                                       V.            All Ph.D holders of the institute

6.      Types of Plagiarism

(source: plagiarism-in-research)

                                                        I.            Invalid Source

                                                      II.            Secondary Source

                                                    III.            Duplication

                                                    IV.            Paraphrasing

                                                      V.            Respective Research

                                                    VI.            Replication

                                                  VII.            Misleading Attribution

                                                VIII.            Unethical Collaboration

                                                    IX.            Verbatim plagiarism

                                                      X.            Complete plagiarism.

7.      There is some Plagiarism Checker Software. We are now using the following one:

            We are also trying to procure other Plagiarism Checker Software.