Name of Committee


Terms of Reference

1.     Internal Quality Assurance Cell (I.Q.A.C)

Vice-Chairman : Mr. Lalbiaktluanga                 Ngente


Secretary: Mr T. Zahmingliana

                 Coordinator I.Q.A.C


1.     Mr Thangchhuana Sailo

2.     Prof V.K. Bharati

3.     Mr Thangdailova

4.     Dr B.K. Mallik

5.     Mr. Christopher J.Z. Lawlor

6.     Mr R. Lalnunzira, District Agriculture Officer

7.     Mr Laltanpuia Hnamte, Additional Deputy Commissioner, Kolasib District

8.     Mr Lalhluna, I.P.S. (Retd.)

9.     Mr C. Lalbiakthanga

10.  Miss Vanlalhruaii Hrahsel, Library Assistant

11.  Vice President & General Secretary, Students’ Union

12.  President & Secretary, Alumni Association

·       Assessment & Accreditation

·       Maintenance of records

·       Teaching/Lesson plan

·       Student feedback

·       Publication of AQAR and other reports

·       Undertake quality assurance and quality enhancement activities of GKC

·       Maintaining an effective Management Information System (MIS)

·       Publication of Annual Report

·       Coordination of Annual Self-Assessment for Performance Based Appraisal System (PBAS) of faculty

·       Semester-wise Student Feedback on Teachers and Courses

·       Coordinating the preparation of Self-Study Report (SSR) for NAAC Inspection

·       Monitoring of various cells and implementing resolutions of committees

2.     Steering Committee for Assessment & Accreditation

Coordinator: Mr Lalbiaktluanga Ngente

Secretary: Mr T Zahmingliana                           Coordinator I.Q.A.C



1.     Mr Lalnunhlua

2.     Mr Thangchhuana Sailo

3.     Mr Laltanpuia Rengsi

·       To guide the activities of the College through N.A.A.C. assessment and accreditation process.

3.     Website Management Team

Web Information Manager:
Mr T Zahmingliana Coordinator I.Q.A.C


1.     Mr Thangchhuana Sailo

2.     Mr Lalrinchhana

3.     Mr C. Vanlalhruaia

4.     Mr C. Lalngaihzuala

5.     Mr R.D. Lalnunsanga

·       Maintenance and updation of college website and facebook

·       Uploading of text/ photo/ video, including recent programmes, as well as staff and student usable forms

·       Arrange for short, modular training for staff

4.     College Development Committee


Mr Lalbiaktluanga Ngente

Secretary: Mr Thangchhuana Sailo


1.     Mr Lalnunhlua

2.     Mr T. Zahmingliana,

      Coordinator, I.Q.A.C

3.     Mr Laltanpuia Rengsi

4.     Mr F. Lalhmunsiama

5.     Mr Thangdailova


·       To check out plans for development of the College

·       To oversee various activities of the college

·       To clear hurdles

5.      Building Committee

 Vice-Chairman: Mr. T. Zahmingliana   Coordinator I.Q.A.C

Secretary: Mr F. Lalhmunsiama


1.     Mr. Lalnunhlua

2.     Mr Thangchhuana Sailo

3.     Mr Thangdailova

4.     Mr Laltanpuia Rengsi

5.     Head Assistant

6.     Cashier

·       Construction of new buildings and civil infrastructure

·       Maintenance of infrastructure

6.     Discipline Committee


Mr Lalbiaktluanga Ngente

Secretary: Mr Thangchhuana Sailo


1.     Lalnunhlua

2.     Mr T. Zahmingliana, Coordinator I.Q.A.C

3.     Mr F. Lalhmunsiama

4.     Miss Lalrinngheti

5.     Mr Malsawmtluanga

·       To ensure that there prevails academic atmosphere in the campus, that students as well as teaching faculty and non-teaching staff maintain behaviour befitting to Higher Education Institution.

·       TO be an arbiter in all disputes among the Staff and students.

7.     Beautification Committee

Vice-Chairman: Mr Laltanpuia Rengsi

Secretary: Miss Lalrinngheti


1.     Miss Janet Laltlansangi

2.     Miss Jennifer L. Pachuau

3.     Mrs Lalngaihmanawmi

4.     Miss Lalthanpuii Hnamte

5.     Mrs Lalrinpuii Rokhum

6.     Miss Chawngthantluangi

7.     Miss Loicy Lalrinthari

·       Beautification of the campus

8.     Staff Welfare Committee

Vice-Chairman: Mr Lalnunhlua

Secretary: Mr Lalhmangaiha Pachuau

Treasurer: Mrs Sangdingliani

Finance Secretary: Mr. T. Lalremruata


1.     Mr Thangdailova

2.     Miss Vanlalhmangaihi

3.     Mrs. Zorinmawii

4.     Miss Vanlalhruaii Hrahsel

·       Welfare of College staff during sickness, death, retirement, etc.

9.     Library Committee

Vice-Chairman: Mr Lalnunhlua

Secretary: Miss Vanlalhruaii Hrahsel


1.     Thangdailova

2.     Dr Gunakar Das

3.     Dr B.K. Mallik

4.     Miss Lalthanpuii Hnamte

5.     Dr Tracy Lalduhawmi

6.     Miss Laltanpuii

7.     Miss Romuanpuii

8.     Mr Lalliantluanga

9.     Mr R.D. Lalnunsanga

·       Upgradation of College library

·       Procurement of book and journals

·       Automation of library software, S.O.U.L

·       E-journals

·       Reprographic facilities

·       Internet browsing facilities

·       OPAC

10.  Property Committee

Vice-Chairman: Mr Thangchhuana Sailo

Secretary: Mr F. Lalhmunsiama


1.     Dr B.K. Mallik

2.     Miss Lalrinngheti

3.     Head Assistant

4.     Miss Vanlalhruaii Hrahsel

5.     Mr. Lalhmangaiha Pachuau

·       Maintain record of movable property

·       Ensure safe custody

11.  Seminar, Research & Publication Committee

Vice-Chairman: Prof V.K. Bharati

Secretary: Dr B.K. Mallik


1.      Dr A.K. Sahoo

2.      Dr Gunakar Das

3.      Dr Bharat Rai

4.      Dr Tracy Lalduhawmi

5.      Dr K Vanrammawia

·       Plan and organize seminars and workshops, especially to popularise research

·       Monitor research projects

·       Establish collaborative linkages for research and teaching with national and international institutions

12.  Admission & Examination Cell

Vice-Chairman: Mr Laltanpuia Rengsi

Secretary: Mr. T. Lalremruata


1.     Miss Janet Laltlansangi

2.     Lalrinngheti

3.     Mr Lalliantluanga

4.     Mrs Lalrinpuii Rokhum

5.     Mr Bishnu Jaishi

6.     Mr F. Malsawmtluanga

7.     Mr RD Lalnunsanga

8.     Miss Laltanpuii

·       Student admission

·       Internal assessment

·       Semester examinations

13.  Legal Awareness Cell

Vice-Chairman: Mr Thangdailova

Secretary: Mr Malsawmtluanga


1.     Mr T. Lalremruata

2.     Dr Tracy Lalduhawmi

3.     Mr Zosiamliana Colney

4.     Mr L.P. Vanlalchaka

·       Propagation of Legal awareness

14.  Anti-Ragging Cell

Vice-Chairman: Mr Lalnunhlua

Secretary: Mr C. Vanlalhruaia


1.     Mr. Zosiamliana Colney

2.     Miss Vanlalhmangaihii

3.     Mr Johny Lalremruata Pachuau

4.     Mr C. Lalngaihzuala

5.     Miss Lalrinpuii

·       Create awareness about ragging

·       Maintain a ragging-free campus

15.  National Service Scheme

Programme Officers:

1.     Miss Lalrinngheti

2.     Miss Janet Laltlansangi

3.     Mr F. Malsawmtluanga

·       Implementation of NSS scheme for students of the College

·       Maintenance of cleanliness of the buildings and campus by students

16.  Sports Committee

Vice-Chairman: Mr F. Lalhmunsiama

Secretary: Mr Johny Lalremruata          Pachuau

1.     Mr Lalnunhlua

2.     Mr Thangchhuana Sailo

3.     Miss Lalrinngheti

4.     Mr Malsawmtluanga

5.     Mr F. Malsawmtluanga

6.     Mr C. Vanlalhruaia

·       Guiding students during sports events

·       Procurement and maintenance of sports equipment

17.  Professor In-charge, Students’ Union

Mr Thangchhuana Sailo

·       Liaison With Students’ Union in all their activities

18.  Professors In-Charge, Handicapped Students

Mrs PadminiThapa

Mr Zosiamliana Colney



·       Assist handicapped students  for admissions, examinations, etc., as per maintain register of students in need of special

·       Ensure easy access to classrooms and examination halls

·       Assist with writer’s allowance

19.  Coordinator, Bachelor of Computer Applications Course

Mr Lalbiaktluanga Ngente

·       Running of BCA Course

·       Conduct of examinations

20.  Alumni Association

Professors In-charge:

1. Mr T. Lalremruata

2. Miss Vanlalhmangaihi

3. Miss Lalrinpuii

Alumni Association Office Bearers:

President: Mr Andrew V.L.Auva

Vice President: Mr Laldingsanga Sailo

Secretary: Mr R. Lalchungnunga

Assistant Secretary:

Mr Zomuanpuia Rokhum

Treasurer: Mrs M.C. Laldinmawii

Financial Secretary:

 Mr Samuel Lalfela

·       To keep a record of alumni, tracking their career as far as possible and maintaining ther profile.

·       To create amomg alumni a feeling of attachment to the college.

·       Holding reunions as and when convenient.

21.  Career Guidance Cell

Professor In-Charge:

Mr Lalnunhlua


·       Coaching for competitive examinations and other professions

22.  Entrepreneurship & Skill Development

Vice Chairman: Mr Thangdailova

Secretary:  Mr T Lalremruata

Members :

1. Mr F Lalhmunsiama

2. Miss Lalrinngheti

3. Mr RD Lalnunsanga

4. Mr Lalliantluanga


·       To enhance students’ capacity to the level that they could earn livelihood.

·       To do so the committee may seek advice and assistance from professionals.

23.  Women Empowerment Cell

Vice Chairman: Mrs. J. Zosangpuii

Secretary:  Mrs. R. Lalthakima

Members :

1. Mrs. Padmini Thapa

2. Miss Lalthanpuii Hnamte

3. Dr. Tracy Lalduhawmi

4. Miss Laltanpuii

·       To create an atmosphere of gender-equality among students.

·       To infuse girl-students with confidence

·       To prevent molestation of girls-students.

24.  NCC

Professor In-Charge:

Mrs Lalthakimi

Mr C Lalngaihzuala

·       To organise NCC among students.

·       To monitor and guide its activities.

25.  Health Centre

Professor In-Charge:

Mr T Zahmingliana, Coordinator I.Q.A.C

·       To prevent health hazards in the campus.

·       To provide first aids as and when needed.

·       The Centre shall engage a doctor and a nurse on

·       “on call” basis.

26.  Consumer Movement

Mr F Lalhmunsiama

Mr R.D Lalnunsanga

·       To impart consumer education and create consumer awareness among the staff and students.



Professor In-Charge


1.     Adventure

Mr Johny L. Pachuau

Mr C. Vanlalhruaia

·       Study tour/ trekking

2.     Photography

Mr Christopher Lawlor

·       Inculcate in students the idea of ethical photography

·       hold workshop/training

3.     Cultural

Miss LoicyLalrinthari


4.     Music

Mr Lalrinchhana


5.     Cooking

Mrs J Zosangpuii