Extension activities during the year, 2017 – 2018:-  

1)      Anti-Malaria Campaign:- One of the most common diseases among the inhabitants of the peripheral villages around Kolasib Town is malaria. In order to reach out and help them avoid malaria the volunteers of the NSS Unit of the college needed to be well-informed. Hence, Anti-Malaria Campaign was organized in the College on the 30th January, 2018. The Resource Person, Dr. Lalrinzuali Chhangte, Medical Officer, Kolasib District Hospital delivered a lecture on causative agents of malaria and the symptoms of malaria-infected person.

2)      Special Camping:- Special Camping was organized at Khamrang village by the NSS unit during the 5th-11th June, 2018. The main project of the camping was to repair public water point. The NSS volunteers also distributed pamphlets on cleanliness, spread of diseases, and importance of environment-protection.